A new talent solutions company, Xpheno set out with the singular goal of connecting the right people to the right place.


The Brand

We worked closely with the founders to build this brand from the ground-up. To begin with, we zeroed in on what makes them dynamic and unique. The primary challenge here was to not get lost in the clutter of the market, and stand head and shoulders above the competition.








Name: The one thing that we all agreed on was that the idea driving this organisation was bringing about change with their human resource pool. Research and our brand naming processes led us to ‘Xpheno’, which is short for ‘extended phenotype’. This is derived from the effect an organism’s genes have on their immediate environment. We drew a likeness between the science of it and the change-influencing attributes of any human resource at a workplace.

Logo, Language, Website & Brand Guidelines: Everything from the logo, to the look of the brand, to the language it uses was carefully engineered by us. Research showed that most brands in this segment almost exclusively stuck by clinical blues and greens combined with worn-out industry jargon. While it would have been ‘safer’ and more comfortable for us to do the same, we wanted to break that mould with Xpheno.


The logo we developed is a neat typographic one, with a dash of a bright saffron, which is just enough to evoke the feeling that this company is something different.


In terms of language, we avoided jargon to the extent possible and concentrated instead, on creating an exceptional user experience and making the brand accessible to everyone. We chose People . Effect . Change as the tagline to make a straightforward aspirational statement from the point of view of each party involved.

The overall design style was rather outrageous for the segment, but knowing the founders, we felt ‘standard’ (read ‘boring’) design would be unfair to them and their brand! So, we decided to go for illustrations with clean lines and a light sprinkling of colour. Each illustration was custom made in-house, to best showcase Xpheno’s offerings.

Digital Channels: Being a completely new brand in the HR industry, Xpheno needed to regularly and effectively engage with both the talent pool and the teams seeking out talent. Keeping that in mind, we identified platforms that would work best for them, and created a presence for them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Going forward, we also set them up with a social media content mandate which helps them remain a young, energetic and relevant brand today.