Rine have achieved their ambitious goal of creating granola and protein bars that are all-natural, healthy and truly delicious.


The Packaging

Once we tried the Rine Bars, we all shared a look – the look that this was something special. Other than being absolutely delicious, they are made from all-natural, healthy ingredients, and hold their shape and structure! For the brand launch, three granola bar flavours and one protein bar flavour were selected.


The granola bar flavours were Strawberry, Blueberry and Peanut Butter. Each of these bars had a distinct appearance, aroma, taste and even USPs! Therefore, we wanted to create strong identities for each flavour, and we were tempted to showcase the actual bar itself. Using see-through packaging materials however, would’ve drastically reduced the shelf-life for the bars. Instead, we decided to go for photos of the bars, coupled with evocative, natural, solid colours and visuals of the flavouring ingredient.


For the Mighty Chocolate Protein Bar, we took a different approach. Given that it packs 14g of protein, we went for a simpler, more rugged visual concept. This we felt, appeals to an audience that rigorously works out, but also wants a delicious snack before or after their workout!