Nanjappa Life Care – CPR Awareness Video

A public service film which gives people the basics of being first responders in a cardiac emergency and CPR, disguised as a fun, entertaining sketch video.


All You Need Is Some Music

For Nanjappa Life Care, a brand that marries community engagement with progressive skill and technology in the healthcare industry, we created a video which is, frankly, quite odd. The brief was to create communication that teaches people when and how to do CPR. We decided the best way to do this would be with a comic sketch. First, we worked with music composers to create a Kannada song with beats matching the frequency at which you apply pressure during CPR and created a locally relatable story. Then, we went into scripting, scouting, auditioning, and collaborated with exceptional artists and technicians to produce this film. From conceptualisation to the final cut, we delivered this film to both, Nanjappa Life Care and the Shivamogga community.