A regional news channel launched by the VRL group.


Where the Mighty Walk

Dighvijay News was launched with the objective of being a news channel that spoke, and stood for the truth, no matter the consequence. We had to integrate this philosophy into the logo, without making it look cluttered.


Inspired by the phrase ‘Aanne Nadhidihdha Dhaari’. The logo was conceptualised with the thought of incorporating the triumphant elephant. The elephant is considered to be one of the few animals which creates its own path, and is not bothered by distractions that come in its way, which are the very qualities that ‘Dighvijaya’ wanted to communicate.

As the logo would appear across media, it had to make judicious and creative use of negative space. We also decided to subtly indicate that it was a regional news channel by including the colours of the Karnataka flag.