A new talent solutions company, Xpheno set out with the singular goal of connecting the right people to the right place.

Making people vote.

Civic Xpheno believes that people are not meant to just ‘fill a role’, and that each individual has their own personality, values etc. that impacts their job, their company and even their environment. This also extends to the city they live in, hence Xpheno’s first initiative of raising awareness of the power of their vote/voice, is because it truly believes that people effect change. Bengaluru is a city with multiple civic problems and yet ironically is known to have the least turnout of voters. Bengaluru being Xpheno wanted to encourage people to come out, and express themselves for the Karnataka Assembly Elections.


For this, we created a digital campaign called Turn Up. The campaign focussed on multiple reasons to come out and vote (one of them encourages you to vote, even if it’s for no one). For this, we chose an illustration style that is unique to Xpheno, and is extendable even at a later stage. For a ‘viral’ campaign, humour is an essential element, which we incorporated into each creative. The campaign itself performed exceedingly well, reaching over 2 lakh people through LinkedIn and Facebook. (Alas, the turn up at the voting booths wasn’t something to write home about, and Xpheno made its disappointment known in the last post ;)!